“I call Stephen my Golden Retriever friend and work associate. He has all the attributes of a Golden—friendly, open, approachable, loyal, loving, kind, playful—and he stands by your side. Stephen is gifted in his craft, and his devotion and commitment to his clients is very apparent. He understands proportion and classic architecture, which allows him to authentically recreate most any style or ‘flavor’. He enjoys architectural salvage and is very creative when it comes to repurposing old doors, windows and architectural details. His training in Florida and his work in Hawaii have also given him a unique level of comfort when it comes to creating elegant indoor-outdoor spaces that include elements like pools and terraces. Stephen also enjoys the layering and classical details that lend elegant complexity and character to his designs. I enjoy collaborating with him.”

Eric Mandil, AIA
President, Mandil Inc.
Denver, Colorado
November 2011