The Firm

Denver, Colorado-based Hentschel Designs, established in 1995, is respected throughout the United States for its exquisitely designed homes, high-end remodels and elegant interiors. The firm’s distinguished portfolio of projects grace beachfront, mountain and high-rise urban settings from Boca Raton, Florida, Kona, Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Denver’s own Cherry Hills Village. Discerning clients—for whom owner Stephen Hentschel has designed everything from spec homes to master bath expansions—describe him as an “innately talented artist.” Indeed, his ability to architect unique, inviting, comfortable homes, as opposed to mere residences, is a gift his clients not only value, but love tapping as often as they can.

Stephen’s understanding of period styles and what separates “authentic” from “trendy” was strongly influenced by his early years. Although he was born in Florida, much of his childhood took place in a small village near Paris, France and later, a cozy haven just outside Oxford, England. There his father, an officer in the military, spent untold hours sharing his love of European chateaux and sprawling country estates as he traveled with his family on frequent cross-country jaunts. Europe’s elegant architecture and stately interiors left such an indelible mark on young Stephen, that today his design sense is not only innate, but profoundly intuitive. When he designs a home, it’s the intimate family gatherings, celebratory moments and nostalgic feelings an inviting abode elicits that guide his hand.

As a gifted designer with more than 30 years construction experience, Stephen’s integrated view of the world touches every aspect of the custom projects he oversees. Whether his clients are embarking on the creation of a new Country French home, opting for a minor Italianate kitchen renovation, exploring “outdoor room” options, updating minimalist interiors, or requesting artwork or custom furniture solutions, Stephen partners closely with his clients’ to meet their diverse, individualized needs through a single cohesive thought process. His hand-drawn sketches (which are rumored to include every little detail), also help bring his clients’ dreams to life. By communicating their ideas in an innately artistic way, Stephen is able to coax out their personal visions and make their ideas come alive in an egoless, lighthearted way.

But, Colorado-based Mary Kay Mueller, a long time client says it best: “Stephen is incredibly gifted…he can get into your head and help coax out what you’re looking for and put it to paper. His hand drawings are so beautiful and efficient that his houses just come to life. He is also delightful to work with. You always spend far more time than you ever imagined with your architect, so you want to spend it with someone whose presence you enjoy. He’s incredibly talented, unbelievably easy going and fun. There’s none of the expected pushback and the process is painless. His work is always beautiful…he has such panache and is so committed to his clients. I cannot think more highly of Stephen. He’s a remarkable person. I just adore him—he doesn’t put on airs, he isn’t arrogant and can bring anything to life that you can imagine and articulate.”

“One of Stephen’s greatest talents is how he can take our personal dreams and turn them into the most incredible homes one can envision. He is also a master at the details—he understands the dozen things you need to make the exterior look authentic, and then on the inside as well. Stephen is a gifted architect and a highly talented artist. And he’s not defensive about a client being critical or changing things. He listens and doesn’t feel the need to defend his designs; he’s always very open to suggestions.

Although he’s not inexpensive, he is fair and works very efficiently and effectively as he translates his concepts onto paper. He doesn’t spend hours and hours of production time, therefore you get a lot for your money. Stephen has incredible integrity and is as honest as the day is long. He is innately talented, and not only artistically. But first and foremost he is an artist. And while his designs are well grounded in architecture, they have extraordinary heart and a flair because he a truly gifted artist. He can literally bring a home to life on a napkin you could frame. He is also a terrific person and a great father with a heart of gold.”

Mary Kay and Larry Mueller
Denver, Colorado
November 2011