Stephen Hentschel received his Bachelors of Design in Architecture from the University of Florida in 1985, and his Masters in Architecture from the University of Colorado in 1988, but his design gifts go far beyond his architectural education. Stephen’s innate, intuitive sense of elegance, awareness of historic periods and styles, and ability to turn his clients’ dreams into reality are what have drawn discerning clients to his Colorado-based studio since 1995.

Although Stephen wanted to be an artist from a very young age, he was raised by a U.S. Air Force engineer who had loftier dreams for his son. Since Stephen began drawing and drafting in grade school, his father thought that architecture would be the best route for his emerging talents. To that end, the family’s many road trips and tours of the castles and chateaus of France and England, where Stephen lived as a child, assured that his innate talents would have a firm foundation for what was to come.

In 1978, while attending the University of Florida in Gainesville, Stephen interned with one of Boca Raton’s most prestigious, award-winning architecture and interior design firms, Brosché & Nichols Associates in Florida’s tony Palm Beach County. It was there that he learned to appreciate the importance of a “holistic” approach to integrating distinctive architecture with interior design, furnishings and landscaping in one cohesive whole. As he worked to complete his undergrad education, Stephen expanded his innate abilities further while working at a number of other prominent Florida firms known for their high-end custom residential, restaurant and retail designs—ultimately building an impressive portfolio of golf course and ocean front estates, penthouse high-rise apartments and high-fashion boutiques in locations like Boca Raton, Florida, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Hawaiian Islands and exclusive neighborhoods in cities and mountain communities throughout Colorado.

Shortly after moving to Colorado and launching his own business in 1995, a well-known Denver stockbroker for major league sports figures tapped Stephen to design two homes for his family. One won an American Society of Interior Design (ASID) award and was featured in The Denver Post, then eventually sold to a prominent member of the Coors family. The other was sold to a renowned former Denver Nuggets player, establishing Stephen’s design work within liked-minded circles. His design business has experienced a steady upward trajectory ever since.

Although Stephen’s talents and skills have grown dramatically over the years, one thing has never changed—he takes great pride in designing homes, not mere residences. Stephen has personally overseen every aspect of the design and construction of hundreds of sophisticated remodels and new homes since the mid-90s. His holistic approach, learned early in his career, continues to guide him. And his hand sketches, which often grace the walls of his clients’ homes, have brought many a dream alive as they capture the emotion and character of his exquisitely detailed, thoughtful designs.

Those who know him best refer to him as an “old soul”—someone with a familiar, innate understanding of historic and classically detailed homes. In addition to his artistic gifts, Stephen is respected and loved for his integrity, approachability, compatibility and compassion for what his clients are trying to achieve. His positive vibe, ability to adapt to all budgets—both large and small—and his extraordinary detailing, understanding of proportion and sense of scale allow him to design unique homes and remodels that his clients unabashedly adore.

“Stephen Hentschel made the experience of building a home enjoyable and interesting. The whole process was light, conversational and fun. We got right down to the core of who we are as people—how we live, how we entertain and how we envision our life for the next 20 years—often over a glass of wine!

Stephen is a true artistic being—he’s creative and whimsical, yet he’s also pragmatic. He balances elegance with functionality in a beautiful way immersing himself totally in every project from soup to nuts. His vision includes every little detail. He always has his pencil, a sketchpad and roll of vellum with him so he can sketch and doodle as he conceptualizes new variations and solicits feedback. We really appreciate his gift for drawing as it allowed us to visualize a great many options as they came to life.

Stephen also has an amazing eye for interior design. He makes recommendations on wall colors, the look and feel of a room, ceiling treatments and how everything works together overall. Very early in the process he considers how the furniture will layout, where the lights should be placed, and much more. And he gets deeply involved in the minutia&mdashlike the lantern that hangs over our front door, which he selected and restored, and the tiny flowers he personally painted on our wrought iron staircase. Stephen also has a very nice sense for the scale of rooms—every room he designed for us has a different level of appropriate coziness. The result was exactly what we had hoped for. Today, a decade after our project was completed we still work with Stephen and consider him our friend.’

Polo Club, Denver
December 2011